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LG Lifeband Activity Tracker & HRM Hands On, Price and Specification

LG in its recent Tech Show in India showcased their Lifeband which allows one to track daily activities to find how many calories they are burning every day. They also introduced the HRM tracker which monitor their heartbeat when they are running or racing. The interesting part about the HRM is that it is integrated with good looking and quality earphones. The heart beat monitor tracker is fitted on top of the ear buds.

LG Lifeband Front View


LG Life Band is a stand alone fitness tracker with amazing build quality and HD OLED screen which tracks all your activities including steps. The tracker is mounted with 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter and GPS which in turn work together to show real time stats of your calories burnt.

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What I really liked about the tracker is the quality, instead of being a weak plastic, its made up of some sort of strong durable stuff. There are two advantages of this. One you know the band is there and second that it lasts longer.

LG Lifeband Inside View

Right next to the OLED Screen, there is button which displays data about metrics calculated. You can check on time, calories burned, distance walked and steps taken. Also the tracker can be used with other services like RunKeeper, myFitnesspal and so on.

LG Lifeband Complete set with HRM



  • OLED Touch screen
  • HD Display
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Altimeter readings
  • GPS data
  • Inbuilt HRM

Price :

When asked about the pricing of both lifeband and HRM, the executive said that it will cost 200 USD for Lifeband and another 300 for HRM module. They are being sold separately so if the users aren’t much interested to know their heartbeat, they can still have the Lifeband at lower price.

The availability of the devices are still not clear. So make sure to subscribe with us and stay connected to know the price when it shows up.

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