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LG Prepping to Release 3G-Capable Smartwatch

When Spice launched a smartwatch which can use a SIM and its data connection, it was not easy to ignore that there is a market for the same. Right now, the smartwatches are dependent on the phone for everything, except the time. If there is any issue with internet on the phone or connectivity, your watch becomes “unsmart”

Not really surprised here but it’s relatively fast news that we are hearing about LG. Its prepping a watch that will be 3G-enabled. This is a setup from the recently launched LG G Watch R, and may be we will see a 3G version of the R. LG has filed with the FCC for formal approval of release.The document points to an ova or slightly rectangular watch, with dimension of 57.7 x 35.5 mm and comes with CDMA connectivity.

LG Smartwatch with 3G


As per the SRA document. It states as Smart Watch + CDMA with Model: LG-VC100, VC100, LGVC100, LG-VC100P, LGVC100P, VC100P, and FCC ID: ZNFVC100.

There are many advantage having a data connection in the watch, though its an extra burden as well. You will be able to receive and make calls, text, use map navigation etc.

That said, it seems the company has started thinking radically, and is exploring all the possible combination to understand what the market is looking for. I would not be surprised if more companies come up with this option.


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