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LG’s G Watch Will Let You Control Your Home Appliances From Your Wrist

While we have seen all the high end LG phones having IR to connect with most of the TVs and Set Top Boxes, LG G Watch will be able to control smart appliances but will be restricted to LG’s devices using their HomeChat Service. According to  Korea Herald, LG will have this enabled in their upcoming G Watch making it easy for LG consumers to control everything using the watch.


Those who aren’t aware of LG’s HomeChat service, its like you talking to machine using simple, conversational language via text messages to issue commands and receive status updates. This will work even with mobile messaging apps like Line or WhatsApp or even with their Q Voice service. Imagine yourself talking to all your connected devices in a Whatsapp group!

Taking it to the next level, if G Watch gets a SIM enabled version, you will not have to depend on phone for sending out instructions. It could work out of the box. LG is expected to have its own voice recognition technology, Q Voice, which should spice up things even further.

That said, though we are going to see lot of such connected services from companies around the world, a need to come to standard will soon show up. However since LG G Watch is powered by Android Wear, there is a possibility of third party hooking up with their service.

Via Android Beat

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