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LifeBEAM Helmet with Heart Rate Monitor now Available for $199

LifeBEAM has launched the second generation of their headgear, the LifeBEAM Helmet and is now available for purchase. This new version comes with improved sensors and these are the ones from company’s military aerospace systems that are used to monitor fighter pilots and special operations forces. This means the data measured is more accurate.

It monitors heart rate, counts your calories, gives you an accurate analysis of your performance and protects your head in case you fall.


Another good thing about the helmet is that it is compatible with most of the fitness apps and you don’t have to use one app or measuring device over another. That means our unique bio-sensing helmet can pair with almost any fitness application or device that works for you.

Features of LifeBEAM Helmet:

  • Dual module with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity
  • Advanced optical sensor
  • No chest strap required
  • Motion resistance
  • All weather compatibility
  • U.S. or Europe Certifications
  • Heart rate measurement – aerospace level
  • Calories consumption measurement – aerospace level
  • Sound and LED light user interface
  • Sleek carry on carbon casing – Limited edition
  • Classic Lazer genesis design

The helmet is available for purchase for $199 and an estimated shipping time of 14 days. It also comes in two sizes.

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