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Lumafit—World’s First Fitness Tracker for Body And Mind

Wearables will have a very important role to play in your health and fitness and we already covered wearables in health and fitness like Atlas and Pulse O2. Most of these trackers are wrist or finger worn, but now we have a completely new concept in the form of Lumafit which is the world’s first fitness tracker for body and mind.

The Lumafit tracks motion at the head rather than the wrist so it can precisely identify and rate cardio workouts. Lumafit allows you to track bootcamp sessions including exercises such as lunges, sit-ups or squats. It also tracks your workout with precision allowing you to own your stats and visualize progress over time.


The company will be developing three apps for iOS and Android along with the device and they are;

  • Gym Tracker:    Track your gym sessions with precision!
  • Home Fitness:  Interactive Bootcamp sessions: Burn 200 calories in 20 minutes anytime.
  • Yoga Breathing: Supercharge your mind with a 10 minute interactive mindful breathing session.


The sensor on Lumafit will tracks your heart rate as accurately as a chest worn strap throughout your exercises. It also measure calorie burn, pace and form. You can get detailed information from the connected device using the app. The design of the device is sleek and you can wear it on your ears and here are some of the features of the design.

  • Built with comfort in mind. Super soft spring technology means you don’t even realize your wearing it.
  • Sleek behind the ear design.
  • Secure fit. Designed to stay on during vigorous exercise.
  • Compact and ultra light design at only 38g.
  • Worn only when you need it for a workout or meditation rather than all day.


The device has optical light sensors (Red and Infrared) to measure heart activity and every time your heart beats it pushes oxygenated haemoglobin though the arteries. This waveform can be picked up in high resolution though our optical sensors inside the device. It records the head motion via  a 3 axis accelerometer. This allows the Lumafit to track head trajectory over time and identify specific types of individual motion.

Lumafit is now looking for funding through Kickstarter and you can also join by contributing $79 for the device. More details available here and the expected shipping date is October 2014. Here is a video of Lumafit.

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