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Make Your Old AC Smarter with Tado’s Smart AC Control

While new devices right from Switches to AC to Cars are getting smarter, the old devices don’t have much of choice. This is where connected accessories like Tado play their roles. The company got a successful funding last year, and now they have launched their product “Smart AC Control” that makes your old AC smart. It works with any AC as it uses Infrared.

Tado Smart AC Control

How does it work exactly?

The idea of the product is to help you save money on your electricity bills in three ways. Automatically adjusting temperature, turning it off when you are not around, and turning it on automatically when you are close to your home to make sure home is pre-cooled. The device supports multiple profiles where you can have different temperature, fan speed and so on. So in case you want to have higher temperature after you have slept, you can configure that.

Tado is also suture proof. The Smart AC Control includes a number of sensors. It can check on temperature, humidity, light, noise and motion. Once that gets into action, it might be an alternative to NEST devices, but working for AC, even if its not smart.

the Tado Smart AC Control is available for $199, and can be bought from the companies website.

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