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Metaio First True “See-through” Wearable Augmented Reality SDK Released

When it comes to Augment Reality solutions, Metaio is a popular name, and today they have announced “See-through” Wearable Augmented Reality SDK which will allow developers to create a “See Through” view in-front of users. This is different from the current solution where the view gets overlaid instead of becoming a part of the user’s surrounding

Metaio See Through technology

If you have watched movies like Minority Report where Tom Cruise uses the ring to control the screen, it is interesting to see how the screen actually mixes up with the surrounding.

Metaio is already working with companies like Epson to test the SDK. As a matter of fact, the version of  Metaio SDK is optimized for wearable computing devices like the brand-new Epson Moverio BT-200. It brings in the full field view, so for example if the AR program can load up step by step guide to open a generator, it can be done easily. Here is a video:


That said the AR has some powerful capability with this new feature. Imagine sitting at home and you can choose to look at the details of any product as if it was just before you by scanning a bar code on your PC. Even gamer developers can utilize these API to create an immersive experience of gaming to merge the real and virtual world.

The SDK also supports HD rendering for iOS devices including face detection algorithm which is also in beta.If you are a developer, you can download the SDK from here.


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