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Microsoft Smartwatch Patent Revealed; Talks about Touchscreen and Heart Rate Monitor

Look who’s jumping into the smartwatch race. The erstwhile software giant from Redmond! The US patent office has released an application from Microsoft for a smartwatch design that could challenge offerings from rivals such as Samsung, Apple and Google. The application was filed back in October 2012, but was released only a few days back which outlines the software maker’s plans for a wristwatch that would serve as a fitness tracker and could also function as a music player, phone and messaging device.


That doesn’t sound too exciting right? Well, Microsoft is still catching up with the likes of Samsung which already has a couple of iterations of its Galaxy Gear smartwatches which does most of the things Microsoft is planning to have in their smartwatch. But unlike Galaxy Gear (and more like Kreyos Meteor), the watch face itself detaches from the wristband and connects to a charging dock, which might also help with syncing the data.

As per the documents, Microsoft’s smartwatch will carry a touchscreen, with several icons like running icon for run length, heart icon for heart-rate/pulse or the fire icon to show calories burned. Other apps like messaging, music, alarms and phone would also be expected.


There have been several rumors in the past about Microsoft making a foray into the fledging wearables market, but this is the first time we are actually seeing some documents related to it. But then, this is just a patent, and it doesn’t mean Microsoft is readying a device based on it. But this proves the intent. Let’s wait for something more credible.

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