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Misfit Flash Link is a $20 Activity Tracker Which can Also Control Smart Home Devices

Misfit, the maker of the popular Misfit Shine and Misfit Flash activity trackers is back with a new product – an ultra cheap activity tracker called Misfit Flash Link which costs just $20. With this, Misfit has cleared its intentions of being an important player in the much lucrative business of connected devices and Internet of Things.


The Misfit Flash Link is a low cost activity tracker which should help the technology go mainstream faster. It’s true that Xiaomi’s Mi Band took the world by storm with a $13 activity tracker, but Xiaomi is still not a recognizable name outside of Asia. At $20, Flash Link can be an impulsive buy or a neat gift for your loved ones.

The new Misfit Link app syncs with Flash Link and lets you snap a selfie with a click or control music playback as well. But that’s not it. Misfit says, eventually, the Link app will help you control other smart connected devices at home like the Logitech Harmony remote for your TV. It will also be able to trigger several of those IFTTT commands with the tiny wearable.

As you would expect, the new Misfit Link app will work with the older Flash model too – which incidentally got a price cut as well. The Flash is now available for $30 (was $50), while the aluminum clad Shine is down to $70 (from $100). For some reason, Shine isn’t supported on the new Link app yet.

It’s really interesting to note Misfit’s progress in recent times. A company which started selling a fashionable activity tracker has expanded into connected devices with products like Bold Smart bulbs and sleep trackers like Beddit. The intent is loud and clear, and we can’t wait to see how the company progresses from here on.


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