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Misfit Shine : Why this “Almost Invisible” Activity Tracker is Worth Buying

There are tons of Fitness & Activity trackers out there. Most of them get around your wrists, they come in every quality, and they track almost everything. Now what if you wanted a tracker which not only has great design, but it also stays practically invisible, and you don’t have to worry about charging it for months. 

Today, we are looking at Misfit Shine. It is a result of crowd funding on Indiegogo which achieved its goal one million goal 8 times in a short span, and attracted a lot of attention. After trying it out for almost 2 weeks, we give you reasons why this is an excellent tracker & why it gives competition even to the best trackers out there.

Misfit Activity Tracker

Why You Will Love Using it:

  • It is built using aerospace grade aluminium, and weights only 9 grams.
  • It is compact and very strong. Drop it any number of times you want, and it will survive.
  • You can wear it anywhere on the body. It also comes with sports band and magnetic clasp. The rear comes with magnet, which is very powerful.
  • Waterproof, so you can go swimming for up to  50 metres.
  • Forget about taking it out. Just slide in your pocket and you are done.
  • Misfit Shine uses a standard cell watch battery with a battery life of at least 4 to 6 months.
  • Tracks activities automatically. Though can set it to use an activity with triple tap.
  • High accuracy. Since it’s not on wrist, all false hand movements are not included in the final step.

Misfit Shine Battery

What is Broken:

  • Those who love to use it on wrist, the wrist band miss on the design part.
  • Sleep monitoring functionality is inaccurate, though its very convenient to track.

The App Experience:

I will include the app experience so it helps, if you are planning to buy. Misfit has apps both for Android and iOS. It syncs over bluetooth seamlessly.

You have two main things. Activity and Sleep. Both are displayed in round shape clock like design with points. Like I said, it tracks activities (walking, running and swimming) automatically, you will be able to see them in reverse chronological order.

Misift App Activity Tracker

If you want to switch to Misfit other fitness tracker, the app lets you switch seamlessly. Another important feature is that the app device combination, puts app first. So when you change the battery, you don’t lose your steps. Just make sure to sync it before taking it out.

Value for Money:

Looking at the price tag of USD 99, the tracker is not cheap, but looking at those positive sides, it does stand out when compared to most of the trackers. It’s strong, portable, invisible and you don’t have to charge it for at least 4-5 months. I will highly recommend it.

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