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Moov : A Fitness Tracker with Real-Time AI Activity Coach

Take it or leave it, unless you have some sort of motivation, a fitness tracker would be of no use.  Most of the activity trackers come with real time sync, alerts when you do more or when your progress go down. This helps big time, and Moov is trying to make it even better.

What is Moov ? Its crowd funded company, created by a team of experts including Nikola Hu, a former Apple engineer. They have come with this product which takes tracker to the next level.  Have a look at this  motivating video:

Moov is more of a personal coach than just being a tracker. It pings you when you start going slow, and suggest a correction.  Using its 9 Axis technology, it knows what you are doing. If you practicing boxing, it knows that, if you are doing pushup, it knows that too. It even can suggest if your golf swings are slow or have improved from last time.

This is important for those who cannot afford to have personal coach nor have time for it. Reaching a goal, getting corrected as you do it and that in real time is what many people look forward to from trackers.


The pre-orders are up for Moov, and it comes with iOS compatibility. Android support is expected next month. They seems to have open API’s as well for developers to hook into Moov for added functionality.  If you place an order now, it will cost you $79, while actual price is $120.

It will be interesting to see how Moov performs over a year or just get lost in the crowd.  However, one thing is sure, counting steps is going to be obsolete sooner or later.


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