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MOTA SmartRing — Stay Connected with Less Distractions

Wearables are coming in every format, Wrist, Clipwares, Bands and what not. So here is something different which is making its way to reality. MOTA, the company which recently announced it’s Smartwatch for $80, is running a Indiegogo campaign, for its RING based wearable which claims to be as good as a smartwatch, but less distracting.

Supported for Android and iOS, powered by Bluetooth 4.0, here is the list of features:

  • Manage it with your finger tips, by just looking at your palm which is more natural than looking at your watch.
  • While it gets you all notifications,you can assign specific alerts to your key contacts, so you can know who’s trying to reach you without looking at your phone.
  • It is shock and water-resistant and its bright screen is readable even outdoors.
  • Wireless Charging

MOTA Smartring

Now here is the catch. The ring is suited for those, who just want to get text messages, email, and calendar notifications. However, they do have stretch goals for support Facebook and Twitter notifications. If the product gets funding, it may evolve sooner or later.

That said, if you are up for it, the project is already 90% funded. So, you may want to roll in.

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