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Moto 360 Listed On Flipkart; Priced at Rs 17,999

If nothing gets hilarious for you all the day, here is a humor we just saw on Flipkart. Moto 360, the Android Wear powered smartwatch that was unvlied last month, is listed as “COMING SOON” , and priced at Rs 17,999 which is 3K more than LG G Watch we recently reviewed. Its the first watch that was teased with circular design and attracted a lot of early adopters.

Coming back to the joke, the price is just too much for any consumer or even an early adopter to pay, specially when it needs to be charged every day and, as of now, all it is best at is, the notifications. LG G watch costed 15,000 in India, and did not sell well in the market.

Moto 360 Flipkart Listing

Looking at the hardware specification,  the watch is just 1.5 inch wide with 320 X 290 resolution but comes with Gorilla Glass 3 to make sure the watch gets less scratches. When the company launched the watch, the battery review came out way too bad ( needed to be charged twice) but a software update was recently launched to fix it.

While Moto 360 comes in lot of variations, Flipkart has listed Grey Leather shade as of now.


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