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Moto 360 Smart Watch running Android Wear OS – FAQ

When Google today announced Android Wear, a milestone was step that starts an era for smartwatches. They are not new but nobody was going big and everybody looked around smartwatches. However with Android Wear, it’s going to be beyond watches. Right after that Google also teased smartwatchusers with Moto 360.

Moto 360 Notification

Like I had expressed my concern about smartwatches in my post on Android Wera, Moto 360 is actually answering that. Not only it has keep the traditional design, the build quality just looks awesome. You can use it as a watch and use voice commands for less distracted notifications and your actions to it.

Moto 360

Moto 360 also uses the “Ok Google”  magic, which you might be already using on your android phone or tablet, to get things done. You can snap a picture, find directions, call somebody and even reply to social messages, more closely using the Hangout. Looking at the video demos, it seems Wear is targeting towards smaller things that can be done quickly, rather than using this as a phone and make people busy with their wrist. You know its wrong to keep checking your watch when you are in a meeting. It sends out an impressions of you either in a hurry or ignoring the person.

During the hangout, Jim Wicks, lead designer of Moto 360 answered some important questions. You can watch the hangout or read the answers straight.

  • Moto360 will be compatible with devices running 4.3 or higher.
  • There is no camera in #Moto360 as of now. May be in future we will get to see.
  • Moto 360 can be worn both by left and right hand users. Moto360 re-orients itself where ever it is facing so people can easily wear it on either arm.
  • Even Women can aim to buy a Moto360 as the strap will come both for small wrists and large wrists. This was taken care during designing
  • You will be able to change the watch band or the strap.
  • It will not need charging up every day. Motorola had experience with Moto Active where they where able to run it on a small battery.
  • It is round because it makes it more comfortable to wear it, more surface area, glance on the go is much easy and it’s what we are used to.
  • Since there is no USB, how does Moto360 charges up. There is no answer here but looking at the conversation in the video it seems, we could see a self charging battery that uses our movement or it will come with Wireless charging inbuilt.
  • The watch is designed to be water resistant. More details to be shared on depth during availability.



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