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Moto 360’s Charging Cradle Shows up in Leaked Images

Here we have some more details about the most awaited smartwatch of the year (discounting the unannounced Apple iWatch), the Motorola Moto 360. The smartwatch made its first official (brief) appearance at the Google I/O event couple of months back, and we now have more details about the wireless charging dock for Moto 360.


The leaked images from an Italian blogger, Luca Viscardi, neatly shows the Moto 360’s wireless inductive based charging cradle. We always knew that the Moto 360 will come with wireless charging capabilities as there were no charging ports/pins present on the watch itself, but these new set of pictures give us a clear look at the charging cradle, which itself looks classy, much like the watch itself.

The Moto 360 uses stainless steel for the watch case and is also waterproof with IP67 certification. It also mounts an optical sensor heartbeat on the back side. It’s also expected to come with a light sensor and pedometer. The inductive charging cradle has a cute cylindrical shape and slightly resembles Google’s wireless charging cradle for Nexus device.


Both LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live come with the annoying proprietary charging docks. Hence it’s heartening to see a neatly designed craving cradle for Moto 360. In fact, the LG G watch is in news for issues relating to the charging pins getting corroded due to sweat.

It’s still not clear if Moto 360 supports Qi wireless standard. If so, people can use third party Qi based wireless chargers to charge their Moto 360.


The good thing is, Moto 360 is expected to support interchangeable straps. Viscardi claims that the battery life of Moto 360 is almost two and a half times more than the LG G watch. Considering LG Watch to last a day, we can expect Moto 360 to last at least 2.5 days. It still doesn’t completely fix the Android wear battery issues, but definitely makes things less annoying than before.

[via] androidworld

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