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New Pebble Smartwatch with Color Display Leaked [ Image]

Pebble is announcing a new version of its Smartwatch tomorrow, and the image has leaked confirming the rumours about its colour display and e-ink based screen. The leaked image is actually an image on Pebbles own server.

Pebble Color Display

Looking at the image, few things can be noticed:

  • Thinner Design with larger bezel
  • Buttons are smaller compared to it’s previous versions.
  • Colour Display & E-ink technology.

The device is also rumoured to have similar battery life i.e. One Week and it will have a Cortex M4 processor and a 6-axis gyroscope. Pebble should not be rolling out touch based watch, yet, owing to the fact that it consumes a lot of battery. Pebble is going to announce a resigned OS as well which will have timeline view, tweaks, and probably make it more focused on getting task done by integration of calendar and other third part apps. Pebble recently rolled out Android Wear support which we expect it to be in this version as well.

That said, looks like Pebble is not yet ready for a giant leap that can make it look beautiful instead of still looking like a plastic design. The metal version did had a little impact, but watch being a fashion trend, Pebble is no where close to it.

We will keep an eye on the announcement and new features that roll out.

Source : 9to5Mac

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