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Niwa : Now Grow Plants in Smartphone Controlled Environment

When it comes to connected things, Phone will always play a big role and will be the only way to communicate with your connected home and devices in your home. Be it your refrigerator, your TV or your music system.

So how about growing food in your home without using soil and control its growth and environment using your smartphone? Meet Niwa–it’s worlds first system where you can grown your food at home, control it using smartphone and do it with soil. The later is more surprising. Its called as hydroponic technology. 

Niwa Hydropnic Plant Growing System

Whats Hydroponic ?

If you want to understand that, you need to ask yourself that why do Plants need Soil and earth. Plants need their nutrients which comes from Soil and they also get their water from soil as rain water seeps into it.

Now what if you could supply the nutrients to plants and get them water. Its like doctor putting you on glucose, so you don’t feel hungry because you get what you want. This is how Hydroponic Works. This is what Niwa uses.

How does Niwa Work?

It’s mostly Hydroponic but then to make it look beautiful and immerse it into home environment, the plants are grown in glass box where the environment is controlled using light conditions, ventilation system, water level control, heat and humidity.

Once Niwa knows what you are growing, it can adjust how system should change as the plat grows up. It will keep taking feedback from you and adjust things accordingly using its database.

Niwa Team with thePlants

Can you grow everything ?

Well almost except for a coconut tree :). Depending on how big your system is, you should be able to grow most of the popular vegetables, herbs, medicinal plant, tropical plants, fruits and flowers.

What does the App do ?

It can control the environment and gives you full control to change the environment. This means if you think growing plant in a different way gives better result, you can change it accordingly. Later you can share that in the community as well.

Where Can I buy it ?

Niwa has started their campaign on Kickstarter where they need funding for their project. If you think this kind of system will help you grow plants in your home. Go ahead and back it up.  The most basic will cost you 249 USD which is still available as of now.

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