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Notion is a Complete and Intelligent Home Monitoring Solution

Monitoring what’s going around your home, when you are outside or at one corner of the home is a big challenge, unless you have really sharp senses. This is also a huge challenge when you are either home alone with a naughty kid or an elderly who needs to be checked from time to time.

That said, today we noticed another start-up–Notion–which is trying to address this, by rolling out their own hardware and they look promising. Now before I start talking about them, there is always a risk involved in funding a project, which has no billion dollar backing behind. So, whatever action you take, will be your own choice.

What is Notion?

Good things come in small packages, and so does Notion. It’s a home intelligence system that uses a small, smart, multi-function sensor to detect accelerations, ambient light change, sound, temperature changes, water leaks and gas leaks. All these sensors are good enough to find almost any change that happens in your home.

Notion Sensors

How does it look?

There is a central hub which you can plug to home socket. It connects with your Internet over WiFi, which means a constant internet connection is must. Then comes the trackers, which are round and small enough to fit anywhere. They get on your doors or in your fridge without getting in your way and run for over 2 years without need or a recharge.


That said, everything gets tracked via an app. As of now, there is an iOS App available which will work on iPhones. You can set custom notifications, email or text alerts for each of the sensors.

Notion iPhone App

How many sensors will you need?

Really depends on your need, but here is a segregated list suggested by Notion team.

  • 1 hub + 1 sensor: you have a gun safe, liquor cabinet, wine cellar or propane tank that you want to monitor
  • 1 hub + 3 sensors: perfect for renters who have a couple of doors and a bathroom that could have a water leak
  • 1 hub + 5 sensors: for the homeowner that wants basic home monitoring on two doors, one bathroom for leaks and a window
  • 1 hub + 10 sensors: complete home intelligence covering propane tank, liquor cabinet and water leak monitoring plus the basic functions of home security

How much does it cost?

Since it’s being crowdfunded, it will cost you less. What we see on Kickstarter project listing is that there is a $99 package for one hub and one sensor. Probably, you can start with it, and later buy more sensors. Check more about Notion

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