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Nudge App gives Health Scores With Connected Health Tracking Apps and Devices

One of the important areas where wearables are going to play a key role is health segment. We already covered quite a lot of wearable device in the health segment which will improve the lives of people. We have lot of health and fitness tracking apps as well as wearables. These apps and devices provide a data which is independent of each other and to solve this here is a new app called Nudge.

Nudge brings all of your health related data in one app, with one score. You can connect Nudge with your favorite health tracking apps and devices and see how your Nudge Factor stacks up against your friends. Regardless of what type of tracker you are, Nudge provides a way to compare any data analysing your hydration, nutrition, activity and sleep to determine your overall health score.

NudgeNudge app

The Nudge Factor Dashboard presents your score, and visual feedback for how you’re doing with each aspect of your lifestyle. The score ranges from 1 to 110, with 110 representing optimal health.

Nudge will sync your data from tracking apps and wearables including MapMyFitness, Moves, RunKeeper, Strava, Up by Jawbone and Fitbit. Support for more devices are expected later. The app is pretty useful since trackers like Fitbit tells you how many steps you walked, but does not say anything on the health aspect of this. But with Nudge app, you can a comprehensive health record.

The app is currently available only for iOS and can be downloaded free of cost from the app store.

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