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OMSignal : A T-shirt for your Complete Health Tracking

While every other company is busy in making writs bands to control your steps, calories burnt and then putting a HRM on it. While I don’t have anything against any of these tracking devices, I use one myself, but then we are also making things to complex and costly for your wrist. So for example a HRM + Step Counter will cost you around 300$ if not more and it misses your other body vitals like stress, breathing and so on.

Say Hello to OM Signal, a company which makes smart t-shirts for you to track every vital possible and comes at a lesser price and open enough to connect with your existing apps and services.

Omsignal Biometric Smartwear

This smartwear comes has two hardware components. One is the t-shirt itself and the other is called as black box. This devices connects with your T-shirt and tracks all your data even if you are not connected to your phone. Once you connect phone with the black box, you can sync up. However for live data, you need all three to be connected.

Omsignal tshirt module

Features of OmSignal Smartwear


  • Breathing Rate, Volume, HRM, ECG, Stress, Step Counting, intensity levels which is perfect for GYM and Sports.
  • During exercise, you can see the stats live and get warnings if you aren’t doing something right. So for example, you get to know if you are breathing shallow or if you heart is pumping way high than it should. A full report at the end of workout, tells you your progress and achievements.
  • The training feature helps you understand your body and how it responds at certain situations. So if you are over working, it will ask you slow down and if you are being lazy, it will ask you got up and workout.
  • The perfect makes sure you improve blood circulation, enhances performance and help muscles recover faster

Omsignal Stats

Daily Usage:

  • They claim that it adapts to your body well. We hope the same else it would not be possible to use it all day.
  • Keeping that in mind, it can fight odor, microbes and so on.
  • It can climate control and moisture-wicking  fabric to keep you cool.
  • Machine Washable.

Water Resistant:

The black box is only water-resistant, hence cannot be taking into swimming or deep dive. This means there is no point of wearing the tshirt and go swimming either. However, it can bear raining and sweat.

Price of OmSignal T-Shirt:

Priced at 240 USD (T-shirt and Blackbox), the product seems to be worth and the only reason to justify the price is that as of now, you don’t have smartbands which can be so seamless and measure almost everything on your body.  Apart from black box, there is another accessory, Smartphone Sleeve, where you can put your phone in. It wont fall and will be useful if you want to quickly glance the data during sports like cycling, skiing and so on.

The closest product matching to this is Hexoskin and it’s priced at  400 USD which is almost double the price. It will interesting to compare both the products side by side to find out the differences in detail to figure out which is better one.

There is a promo offer right now which gets you both tshir and blackbox in 200 USD. If you are interested in this, I would say go buy it.

What do we think?

It’s good to see more products like this coming up. Personally I find this much better than using wrist band because its seamless and should be more accurate. Two features they should work on now:

  • A waterproof version of the same as it will help swimmers and other sports lovers to track their data. It’s a crucial point and that should be the next breakthrough for them.
  • Apps for all platforms. Right now it supports iOS only.

That said, it’s not for everybody because of the price. So if you are only serious about your Gym and Sports, you need it but if you are just casual runner, a regular sports tracker is more than enough.

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