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OrCam gives Visually Impaired People a way to read

Wearables are getting hugely popular and it is estimated that the wearables is all set of explosive growth with 19 million devices expected to ship worldwide by end of this year shipments according to IDC. One of the most important use of wearables is in health segment and we already covered EnChroma Cx lenses to correct color blindness.

Now here is one of the most important wearable, OrCam which gives visually impaired a way to read. This device is made by an Israeli start-up called OrCam Technologies.


OrCam is a smart camera which can be mounted on to any eyeglass. You can mount it to any type of frame and it can  sees text, recognizes objects and then translates into voice which the visually impaired person can hear. The speech unit whispers in the ears of the user there by making it easy for the user. OrCam device enables you to read books or newspapers, verify money note denominations, and even identify which product or item you are pointing at. All you need to do is to point your finger on to the objects and it will read the text to speech.

When you point your finger to a specific article or paragraph, OrCam will start reading from the beginning of that section. Its powerful computer translates the printed word into audio in under two seconds. You can make the device to recognize your personal items like credit card so that you do shopping easier. There device does not require any PC or Internet connection to work.

The company plans to have facial recognition feature in the coming versions by which it will recognize your friends, relative and also places automatically.

Here is how OrCam works.

The device is available for $3,500 and is not currently covered by insurance. Yes, it is costly at this point, but going forward we expect this to go a bit more cheaper if it goes main stream. OrCam is currently available only in the United States and works only in English. The company plan to add additional features, languages and regions over time.

You can order OrCam from here.

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