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Pavlok is a Stunning Habit Forming Wearable

We have seen different types of wearables related to health and fitness, but most of them deliver the same idea of tracking your steps and monitoring your health. But here is a new wearable that gives you a electric shock whenever you ignore a reminder or alert that you set it to work with. Say for example, if you set an alarm for early wake up at 5AM and if you snooze the alarm on the device the second time, it gives you a shock to wake up.

The idea behind this device is to hold on to your daily routines and not just get notified of the events.


Well, the device functionality does not end there. Your friends can also give you a shock in case you failed to reach the goals you set. You can connect Pavlok with a GPS tracker in your phone or a step counter and you will be able to connect with your selected Facebook friend or buddy. He can then view the goals set by you and if you did not meet up with the promises set, they’ll get to hit a button and zap you for being a lazy.

The firm has raised over $100,000 in investment already, and is planning to launch a crowd funding campaign soon to raise money for its first batch of bracelets, says founder Maneesh Sethi.

“Pavlok combines accurate tracking capabilities, powerful commitment techniques, and ‘on-your-wrist’ reminder triggers to change users’ brains and form the habits they wish they had.”

The founder himself has reduced 30lbs using the device and he has done extensive testing before going for funding.


Although at this point of time, there is no details on how exactly the device works, we will probably have more details including screenshots and videos of this wearable in action.

But the more important question is unless people wear this (after buying), they will still not be able to achieve their fitness goals. Nevertheless, there is something different in this wearable instead of just counting steps and informing your health stats.


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