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Pebble gets Emoji, iOS8 Support and Sync with Notification Center

Pebble is keeping up the momentum for its smartwatches by rolling out continuous update and hearing their customers. In its recent update (Firmware 2.5), you can see the emojis in their avatar, instead of looking at all code behind it. Here is a quick video on how it goes from wrist to wrist.

Apart from this, you have update for Compass, which now allows developers to interact with it using their SDK. The developers can now build apps and use all the way finding capability of the magneto inside.

Pebble Firmware 2.5 Update

Also, its iOS 8 ready. So, if you were able to install the huge update on your phone, you should install this for smooth notifications on your lovely pebble. Dismissing an alert from your Pebble will clear it from iOS’ Notification Center as well. For Pebblers on Android, similar enhancements are in the pipeline, so stay tuned. Apart from these, you also have regular big fixes to keep your pebble ticking.

And lastly, the DOMO Watchface is back, in partnership with Big Tent Entertainment, with added features as follows:

  • Press Up and Down to trigger DOMO’s various animations.
  • Shake your Pebble for DOMO’s angry face.
  • Watch DOMO get drowsy then fall asleep at nighttime.
  • Set your location for DOMO to know when it’s hot outside (he’ll sweat!).

I guess you now have a lot of reasons to update ASAP.

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