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Pebble Rolls out Massive Update; Full Notification Support for Android

When you get frequent updates for a product you always stick to it, and this is what has been keeping Pebble still in the market even with so much of competition. Today, Pebble has announced firmware update and related apps. This update gets you multiple fonts, support for 80+ new languages and so on.

Peebble Language Support

The Android App has been overhauled. Pebble quotes:

This new app has been the culmination of months of work by our fantastic Android team to re-build our Android app, focused on notification improvements, increasing stability and performance, and providing a solid platform for the long road map of great new features we have planned. Full notifications support, is a significant improvement—one we’ll build on to provide more amazing notification features soon.

That said, the app is not available right away for everybody. It is being rolled out in phases, but here is the change log.

  • Any App on Android now can send  full notification. This has been long-awaited.
  • You can end calls in-progress.
  • The app has been rewritten from the ground-up. The app is now more reliable, performance better, and delivers better user experience.
  • A minimum of Android 4.3 is required.

Pebble for Android 2.1 Notifications Settings

To update your Pebble, use the app on your phone and update it like you have always done. The firmware is available right away, it’s the app that are being rolled out in phases.

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