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Pebble Time Blasts Past $2 Million Within an Hour of Launch on Kickstarter

Pebble is back to where it all started. The newly announced Pebble Time is blasting past all records on the popular crowd funding platform, Kickstarter. The initial target of $500,000 was surpassed in around 17 minutes and at the time of writing, it has zipped past the $2 million mark.


The original Pebble which was also launched on Kickstarter garnered $10.2 Million over its course of funding period, which at that time, was the biggest ever crowd funded project. It looks like the new Pebble Time will surpass that within a day or two. With Apple Watch set to go on sale in the near future, it’s very surprising to see the kind of traction Pebble is gathering with their upgrade.

To their credit, Pebble has been very consistent with their updates and bug fixes. The team had a horrid time to ship the product during the first campaign, but Eric Migicovsky, the CEO of Pebble, claims that they are better prepared this time, as the product is almost ready and will start shipping as early as May 2015.


Early backers are able to get a Pebble Time for $159, a discount of $40 off of what the Time will cost at retail later this year. Right now, all 10,000 units at this price have been grabbed, and $179 is the next best option available. Pebble also have options to back multiple units this time, which also look pretty popular.

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