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PERES : This Smart Gadget Knows if the Meat is Good to Eat

When it comes to eating food, its more about enjoying it to the last bite than falling sick right after that. Though most of the food are quality tested and then packed, how about having a little tester of your own, when you go out to buy Meat from a store or just when you are about to cook for dinner.

Meet PERES, this remote control like food tester, has an electronic nose to find out if the pork, meet, fish or chicken is good enough to be prepared by checking for freshness, risk of food poisoning and hazardous to health.

PERES with Electronic Nose

How does it work ?

If we get to the basics on how we find if something is rotten and not good to eat, then its by smelling anything. When you smell, you actually inhale the gas coming out of the food and its just not meat but anything.

PERES uses the same method using its electronic sensor. It finds out the kind of gas, humidity and temperature around the meat and then sends that data to the phone for analysis. The app can receive the data over Bluetooth which is then analyzed and based on certain standards set for “quality food”, you get to know if the food is good to cook or not.

Here is a video explaining that:


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Where Can you Buy One ?

PERES right now is being crowd funded at Indiegogo with a starting price of 150 USD with first delivery scheduled in July 2014, followed by second  in November 2014.

So now those asking and doubting on this, I am with you guys. There are few reasons to believe though.

  • This is their second prototype. It means, they are already done with their researches and testing. They are just increase the precessions of the device.
  • The final version of the app will be out in June 2014 and since they are already testing it, its done too. The apps will work on iOS and Android.

PERES App for Android and iOS

  • They have partnered with Universities and Food health organization.
  • As of now they are already 56% funded with 38% to go.

PERES Delivery Schedule


They have done their homework and they are here to get some funds for final release and not to test an idea.

My Thoughts & If you really need it

In this age where everybody is so health conscious, having a gadget of this kind on your side makes a lot of sense. Specially if you are buying from stores you never tried before or if you are in doubt if the food is still good enough to be cooked. So if you can spend 150 USD, its going to be worth it.


However, if you ask me, I would love this to be on stores being used at the checkout points. Any body can just go and check if the food is good and take it with confidence.  This can be even used at hotels, restaurants on a regular basis so they know the food being served meet the quality they claim.

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