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Say Hello to Powerlace, A Shoe that can Auto-Lace

Everybody hates to tie  laces, because they get off when you are running, walking and sometimes it topples you off. Its like the shoe has one job , and it can’t do that.  So, how about if you had a shoe which can automatically tie the laces for you. All you need to do is wear it, and get on your long run. Meet Powerlace, a smart shoe which can auto-lace for you and would not go wrong. Based on pulley system, the lacing system engages as soon as you put your foot into the shoes.

Power Shoes Auto Lacing System

This is totally futuristic and trying to solve a problem which is known, but nobody in the industry is doing about it. I love tie my shoe, I am even teaching kid to do it, but the fact remains, its going to untie, sooner or later.

What is it made up of?

The sole is manufactured with TPU (thermo polyurethane), a substance with very high-level resistance to abrasions, but also remains supple for ultimate comfort, providing more overall durability. The exterior of the shoe is waterproof, resistant and washable. There is a breathable zone in the front to help manage humidity.

How durable is it?

The startup claims that the shoe has been designed to make it as versatile as possible, for inner and outerwear on a day-to-day basis. The shoe construction with soft midsole and flexible outsole makes it really comfortable. They have also tested the lacing system, and it would be easy to  support up to 200,000 lacing cycles. Sounds good enough for laces which don’t have to tied again and again.

The Startup

Like I mentioned,  it’s a startup,(Frederick Labbe & The Powerteam)  they are looking for funding through Kickstarter. Their project is listed here . Total funding required for the project is massive $650,000, and they have 54 days to go.

I do like the overall idea of the project and would definitely like to see it becoming a reality. I run everyday, and I know painful and shameful it is to get bend in middle of the road to get shoe laces back in place. If the quality is what is being claimed, this is going be one futuristic shoe. Check out the video

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