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Reservestrap : The Only Wrist Strap that Charges Your Apple Watch as You Use It

Smartwatches are known to have pathetic battery life. They are yet to evolve, and even then there will be customers who will buy them. Apple watch, though falls into the same segment, will have greater market share, and adding battery life to it could be one of the biggest business opportunity as well.

Apple Watch Reserve Strap Metallic

Meet Reserve Strap. Its an accessory company which builds strap for Apple watch, but it does little differently. Their strap comes with battery which can charge your apple watch as you use it. The company has tapped into an undocumented Apple watch port which can only be seen when the strap is taken out.

Apple Watch Reserve Strap

We’ve developed and tested a completely rethought design that takes advantage of the 6 pin port underneath the band slide of the Apple Watch. This port hadn’t been deciphered by anyone until now but we’ve been able to make significant enough observations so far to warrant shifting our development focus to this new method. We’re looking forward to sharing more design details and technical specification of this new Reserve Strap as soon as we can.

The Reserve Strap will come in White, Gray and Black and will fit both the 38mm and 42mm case sizes. The first batch of Straps will be shipped in the Fall and will be sent exclusively to our pre-order customers. That said, the strap does cost a lot, specially when the battery power is unknown, and the pre-order is being taken at  $249.99 which is very close to  price of the basic apple watch. Follow this link for more details.

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