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YUFit Review

When it comes to affordable Fitness trackers in India, you can count them with your fingers. YUFit is one them. It’s the cheapest fitness tracker, priced for Rs 999, which comes with a display, counts steps, calories burnt, knocks you when you are sitting too idle, along with integration with ...

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Tickr X: Chest Mounted Motivation [Review]

In today’s day and age, we have fitness trackers by the dozen. We have watches like the Moto 360 and Apple Watch, that promise to count your steps, track your heartbeat and even predict your mood. We have wrist-work fitness bands like Jawbone’s Up range, ¬†Fitbits and Xiaomi’s MiBand. Even ...

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Fitbit Charge Review

When it comes to tracking steps, how much you walked all day, how many floors did you get up there is one company which dominates this particular segment–Fitbit–which has over 70% of market share, and not just because they stared early, but they are reliable as well. Fitbit recently announced ...

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