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Ringly : This Could Be the Best Gift for Your Nerdy Girlfriend

We are fast-moving into an era where you will not have to look at your phone all the time to figure out if you missed something. Smartwatches, Bands and now Rings are going to make your life easier by telling you when a call comes in or an email from your boss just got into your inbox. Meet Ringly, a smart ring which will make sure that your girlfriend did not miss a call from you, not even text and worse not even your email, Twitter and Facebook notifications. Ringly Wearable

What is it made up of ?

It’s an 18k gold ring with precious and semi-precious stones, comes in Onyx, Sapphire, Moonstone and Emerald,  with smartness buried right below it. A small LED which can blink in 5 different colors and Bluetooth 4.0 to stay connected with your phone all the time. Then there is an app for your phone which allows you to configure almost everything which you would need notifications from. It’s availble for Android and  iPhone users Ringly PreOrder Features of Ringly:

  • Customizable Vibration patters so you know if it’s an email or an SMS.
  • Supports Calendar, SMS, Email, Phone calls, Facebook, Twitter out of the box.
  • Tap on your ring to vibrate your phone to know if the phone is in your purse.

Ringly App

  • Less intruding and least noticeable notification which makes sure nobody else notices them even in a very busy meeting.
  • The battery lasts for approx. 2 days and the box itself acts as charger. You need to connect to a USB port.

Ringly Video


What do we think :

It’s a pretty cool gadget for girls if they are hooked into these things. Jewellery is something they all love and it can be more than just being a shiny thing on the finger. As of now the pre-orders are up and is priced at USD 145 which IMO is decent for this being unique. The actual cost runs between 190 to 260 USD. I am not a jewelry expert  but the price of gem depend on quality and hence its best to check with the Ringly team to find out more on this. Overall a nice concept and less intruding!!

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