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Rocki : Play Music on any Speaker Using any Phone over WiFi

Till date, we have been connecting to portable speakers over Bluetooth, playing music over it or streaming songs from music services like Spotify, MixRadio and so on.  Doing this, we actually left our existing speakers the one you have on your TV, or the big size speakers at home and so on. The biggest problem managing them is that they are all manual and with music streaming services on phone, you really don’t have an easy way to stream over them, control them and get the best out of it.

So what we need is a smart speaker which can be controlled via your phone, lets you stream music from your favorite music service and even get social. It’s too much to ask and a costly business.  Keeping this in mind,  set of guys came with an idea–Rocki–a smart speaker which can make other speakers smarter.

Connect any speaker to Rocki and you will be able to stream your music to Rocki which will then play it over the existing speakers. You can control Rocki over WIFI or Bluetooth and its even possible that you can add your friends to mix and let them control the music when they join in for party. The WIFI connectivity removes the limit of you being around the speaker to play the music.

Rocki Speaker WIFI App


  • It can be used as a standalone speaker for 8 hrs with its inbuilt battery.
  • Option to control music volume, songs, playlist right in the app
  • When you configure multiple Rocki Speakers, your app can control them individually and you can control which music is being played on which speaker.
  • It works with your HiFi system. It comes with two connector cables with either headphone connector or RCA (typically the red and white) to your system. The only thing that important is it needs the speakers to be powered somehow.
  • Rocki as of now supports only Soundcloud.
  • It can play music from your shared music folder using WiFi.
  • It can work without internet if you are streaming local music.

Rocki WIFI Speakers

Price and Conclusion:

Rocki is priced at 49 USD which is pretty decent IMO compared to what it can do. The WiFi capability is just amazing and with individual speaker control, you can actually convert every speaker in your house into a WiFi speaker. Its portable, comes with battery, connects over Bluetooth and audio jack both. You can buy it from here and don’t miss to lookout for other options, customization and special Rocki in the shop. We are leaving you with that surprise.

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