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Samsung Gear Fit Hands on, Specification and Price

When Samsung released Gear One last year, it was more of watch which needs to be connected to a Samsung Android phone and serve as second mirror to few things which could be handled without using the phone. However, there is a certain category of smart watch users who are into sports and health and they would better want to have a tracker which is oriented towards them. Samsung Gear Fit

This year Samsung came up with Gear Fit which looked very similar to tracking wearable’s like Fitbit Flex, Nike Fuel and so on. However Samsung excelled over here by making it a beautiful tracker which also works like a watch.

The first thing you have to above about this tracker is curved Super AMOLED touchscreen display and interchangeable bands which comes in three colours — Gray, Orange and Black. Right at the back of the FIT you will find the HRM or the hear rate monitor making it perfect for runners and swimmers who need to keep an eye on these stats.

Samsung Gear Fit Wrist Band

When it comes to the straps the quality is at par. Even though its rubber kind of material but it definitely does not look cheap. They are almost like watch strap with quality hooks and design. You should be able to hook and unhook without much of hard work. Here is our hands on :


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Features of Gear Fit :

The good thing about the tracker is that it acts like a watch on the first hand making sure you arent going to miss your tradtional watch. You can have multiple clocks if needed.

To get more details, just swipe to left to see all the menus and options.  As an example you can see notifications, media controller and find my device option. This means you can have your phone connected with the device to get all those info.

Another swipe left takes you to tracker mode where you can see menu options like Pedometer, Exrcise and heart rate. Next swipe brings you timer, stopwatch and so on.

You also have settings which allows you to change look and feel of your device including clock, bluetooth conntections and reset. There is a dedicated back button on the left to take you to the last screen.


  • 1.84” Curved Super AMOLED Touchscreen Display
  • IP67 Certified Dust and Water Resistant
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate Sensor
  • Typical usage : 2~3 days, Low usage : Up to 4 days
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE


Though an official announcement has to be made for the pricing of the Fit, it is expected to be priced around 300 dollars which is approximately 20K in Indian currency. This is expensive but lot of quality has been rolled into the Fit e.g. HD Display, Curve OLED, HRM and works with almost any Android phone with Bluetooth 4.0.

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