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Sense-U is an All-in-One Activity Tracker for your Family

Wearables are taking the world by storm and expected to sell in millions by the end of this year. We are seeing so many new and innovative ideas in the form of wearables. The Sense-U is a relatively new wearable device which is an all-In-One activity tracker and it utilizes advanced sensor technology and automatically detects dangerous activities or unusual activities of the user.

This gadget is particularity useful for elderly people who often have the tendency to trip and fall and go unnoticed by family members. In such cases the or in case of any unnatural movement the device sends an alert message to family members or another 3rd party promptly.


Sense U

Sense- U can track and recognize various daily activities, such as walking, running, sitting, sleeping, and also monitors your daily energy expenditure and sleep quality. To get started with the device, you need to connect the device to smartphone or a PC and then create an online account with Sense-U website. You need to enter your personal health details like height, weight, step width etc.

Once this is done, you can clip it to your shirt, jacket, workout gear or even your backpack. Now whatever task you do, it monitors and tracks you. When you connect the device to the PC, you get all the details on the tasks you have performed.


Sense U specs

There is no mention on how the alerting system works in case of dangerous activities or a fall.

Sense-U is available for pre-order for $99.98 from their website.

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