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Set Alarm On Android Wear Like You Set On The Phone With This Extended App

If you ever wanted to put an Alarm on your Android Wear powered smartwatch more precise and the way you do on your phone, Android Wear Alarm is disappointing. It only lets you put an alarm for a particular time and that with 15 minutes precision. Also there is no way to keep it repeating on particular days, snooze and so on.

Alarm Clock Extended for Wear

So here comes an alarm clock for your Android Wear — AlarmClock Extended--which is an alarm for your wear and lets you :

  • Setup Multiple Alarm
  • Decide which day of the week the alarm will go off.
  • Set exact time you want to set the alarm.
  • Choose Repeat Through and Duration

Video Demo:

The beauty of the app is that it feels very natural to set the alarm. Once you launch the app, the first thing to decide on which days the alarm will be active. Then swipe to left to choose time. Next swipe shows up duration for Repeat.  On more left swipe and you are done.

When the alarm goes off, a circle with time shows up and kicks of the vibrator of the watch to get your attention. If you are for some reason sleepy, just drag and move towards the snooze sign else towards the seen sign.

The app can hold any number of alarms. If you want to remove any of them, just swipe one of them to left else tap on toggle switch to turn it off. The app is free and only for Android Wear devices.


AlarmClock Extended for Wear
AlarmClock Extended for Wear
Developer: JokerXT
Price: Free

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