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Skully is a Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet

When we think of two wheelers, the first thing that comes to mind is the helmet for safety. But gone are the days when we wear helmets just for safety in case of a crash. This is the new era of motorcycle helmets and we have the first augmented reality helmet called Skully. With Synapse integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD), Skully provides you with an advanced situational awareness system, showing navigation and blind spot data, allowing you to stay focused on the most important part of your ride.

Skully comes with a rear view camera system with a 180 degree viewing angle, so you get a clear picture of not only what is happening in front of you, but also at the rear.


Skully also comes with GPS mapping, so you wont have an issue finding locations when you are riding the bike. Skully will show you the way with HUD GPS maps and also voice assistance. You can pair your smartphone with Skully using Bluetooth. The Skully allows you to control the interface with your voice. You can control your music, send texts, make calls, and change your destination all hands-free.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, aerodynamic shell
  • 3D laser-cut foam for a perfect fit
  • Fully adjustable flow-through ventilation
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare face shield
  • Quick release chin strap and visor
  • SKULLY SYNAPSE (TM) Heads Up Display system with voice control
  • Visual GPS navigation
  • 180 degree wide angle rearview camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone
  • Internet connectivity via smartphone

Here is a video of Skully in action.

So how do I get Skully? You can apply for a beta tester here. Approved beta-testers may be qualified to receive a pre-release Skully in advance of the official 2014 release date.

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