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Smart Charging Stand for Microsoft Band 2 Now in Store

If you are looking for a charging dock or stand for your Microsoft Band 2, which can keep the display up-right, Microsoft is selling a smart charging stand at $19.99. It’s 3D printed,  helps with cable management,  since the display is up-right, you can view notifications without taking an extra effort.

Microsoft Band 2 Charger Stand

There is magnetised adhesion which makes it easy to attach-reattach the band. While the stand is pretty light-weight, but Microsoft has made the base rubberised, like the Continuum dock, to make sure it stands on the table. The dock doesnt come with new charging wire set. You will need to use the same wire, and it tucks up behind the charge nicely.

Microsoft Band 2 Official Listing

While I haven’t seen it in person, If you are concerned about it falling all the time, it should not be happening. The stand has a very broad bases, and comes with rubber grip which adds to the friction as well. You might want to check initial impression by forum user here, who has also posted some real pics.

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