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SmartMio is a Wearable Sports Muscle Stimulator, Can be Yours for $109


We have seen umpteen fitness based wearables which help us track the calories burnt and monitor our daily activities. SmartMio is one of the few wearable devices which actually goes beyond capturing data. It’s a smart muscle simulator which uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), cleverly mimicking what your brain does when it transmits nerve impulses to engage your muscles during a workout.

SmartMio seamlessly integrate into your existing training plan and target significant muscle strength & endurance gains in just 6-8 weeks. It is designed to increase your current sports performance using EMS by developing muscle endurance, resistance, strength and speed. It can also enable the body to recover faster after injury.

Internally, SmartMio consists of 2 independent stimulation channels, a BlueTooth 4.0 LE module and uses Bi-phasic rectangular waveform. It supports Android 4.3+ and iOS 7+ devices out of the box. It weighs just around 25g and you can wear it under your clothes which links to two sticky electrode pads.

EMS is FDA approved and hence should be completely safe. What it does is, it sends pulses to specific muscles, which fool them into action. The idea is to get them working at times when you either aren’t able to hit the gym, or can’t due to an injury. You can then use the app to visualize the activities performed by the device and get to know more about how your training sessions should be to achieve your pre-set goals.


SmartMio is seeking funding on Indiegogo. It has gone well past its US$50,000 goal with over two weeks of time left in its funding period. It will retail for $149, but if you’re ready to back them up on Indiegogo, you can grab an unit for just $109. The developers hope to ship the units to the backers by November this year, and are currently finishing the protoyping stage.

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