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SmartMove: Wearable for Shoe Soles to Accurately Track Your Lifestyle

Fitness trackers are pouring in plenty these days, but most of them are similar in concept, that they are either wristbands or clip ons. Enter SmartMove, an activity tracker which sits in your shoes. Yes, that’s right. SmartMove has sensors embedded in comfortable insoles that discreetly fit easily into most shoes, track the users’ physical activity and wirelessly send detailed activity and Calorie burn information to the users’ smartphone. The project is currently being funded on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $100,000.


The team behind SmartMove believes that their product is more accurate in addition to being unique in tracking the lifestyle habits. It can identify if you are sitting or not, if cycling or running, and then provide more insightful coaching that makes it easier for you to improve each day. The SmartMove app will be made available for both iOS and Android, and it provides real-time feedback and personalized coaching throughout the day to help users adopt healthy activity habits.


Personalized coaching

A lot has been happening in the area of personalized real-time coaching. Startups like GOQII and MOOV are exploring this area with varied approaches. SmartMove’s approach is more automated and data-driven. The app provides convenient reminders and suggestions to enable you to reach your health, fitness, or weight loss goals. It also has a texting mode using cloud which takes you through a motivational interview to understand your strengths, motivations, and readiness for change, and work with you to set realistic goals. Then it will provide timely, actionable feedback throughout the day and arm you with relevant tips, suggestions, and reminders to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

SmartMove will be powered by a replaceable coin cell battery which is expected to last for a couple of months, and the embedded sensors include pressure sensors and accelerometer. But since it’s insoles based wearable, you can expect SmartMove to wear out over time and the company says that users can replace it online or from retail stores.


Higher accuracy in Tracking

SmartMove claims that their activity tracking is much more accurate than the wrist or torso mounted devices.

The sensor insole has been designed from the beginning to measure human activity at the most discreet and accurate location on the body – the bottom of the foot. Early research work by our founders at The University of Colorado, and Clarkson University, concluded that a foot based device is 98% accurate in determining a person’s activity (sit, stand, walk, stairs, run, cycle) and 96% accurate in determining the energy expenditure doing these activities (i.e. Calories burned), considerably better than devices worn on the wrist or torso.

That’s logical as well. Thanks to their pressure sensors, SmartMove will be able to distinguish between sitting, sleeping or standing, as they don’t solely rely on accelerometer to gauge the activity.

SmartMove sensor insoles are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and fit inside everyday walking and athletic shoes. Users can back the project right now to receive a pair of SmartMove insoles for as low as $99 (for early birds).

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