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Smarty Ring Brings Instant Alerts on your Finger

Smartphones have become integral part of our life and we use it to manage our online life including checking emails, reminders and lots of other stuffs. So every now and then we take out the smartphone and look for new notifications from apps and also other alerts. Here is a new smart ring which can help you keep track of all the alerts from the phone right on your finger.

Smarty Ring frees you from searching in your bag for your phone, or from reaching into your pocket, just to find no new notifications. It’s Bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you always get real time updates right on the finger.

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There are different types of Smarty Rings. The first one is just a tracker for your phone and it beeps when your connected phone is more than 30 feet from the ring. The second one is a clock face which shows you the time, there is also a stop watch and alarm. This version also comes with the tracker. Finally there is the Remote control which comes with tracker and clock. Remote Control lets you control your phone without touching it. You can accept or reject calls, make calls to preset numbers, open camera and more.

Here are some of the features of Smarty Rings.

  • Incoming & outgoing call notifications.
  • Alerts for Text and E-Mail messages
  • Real time updates from Facebook,Twitter, Hangout & Skype.
  • Accept or reject incoming calls
  • Make outgoing calls to preset numbers
  • Trigger camera
  • Control music
  • Clock (Alarms and stopwatch)
  • Tracker for phone

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The Smarty Ring is made from allergy free, surgical quality stainless steel. The simple elegance of this piece makes it suited for both men and women. The device panel is waterproof and LED display is great for day and night use. Smarty Ring has a guaranteed running time of 24 hours on battery and the battery has an estimated lifetime of three years.

Any device which has Bluetooth 4.0 can connect to Smarty Rings. There is also an app which lets you configure and manage the Smarty Rings from your phone.

Here is a video of Smarty Rings.

Although the Indiegogo campaign is successfully funded, you might be able to get it once it is open for pre-order.

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