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Sony Announces Smart B-Trainer Headset

Along with the announcement of Sony Smartwatch 3 with stainless steel strap, the company has also introduced the Smart B-Trainer, an all-in-one, lightweight, headset-style device made for runners and equipped with essential running sensors and music playback capabilities. This device encourages a sustainable running routine, facilitating progress by automatically selecting songs with tempos to match the user’s heart rate and offering audio guidance for a variety of training programs.


Smart B-Trainer comes with waterproof design and the all-in-one wireless headset is designed more towards those with an active lifestyle, particularly runners. The device sports its own memory storage and can let users listens not only to music but also to voice coaching. But more than that, the headset is supposedly laden with sensors for the benefit of athletes.

There is no information on what type of sensors are included in the headset and also the pricing details. As of now the device is in a prototype stage and expected to comes in 4 colors.

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