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Soundhawk Launches Wearable to Enhance Hearing

Health and Fitness is one area where wearables could play an important part and we have already covered EnChroma and OrCam glasses which provide better vision to people. With wearables are getting hugely popular and all set for explosive growth with 19 million devices expected to ship worldwide by end of this year, we can expect to see many of them coming in the healthcare area.

Soundhawk is a new wearable device which aims to make you smarter about the way you hear. Soundhawk is an app-enabled listening device that aims to enhance hearing by allowing the wearer to customize their listening experience to their environment.


This device comes for only one ear and is not intended for people already using hearing aids, but for people who wants to have better listening experience. With the device, you can get hearing help in situations such as noisy restaurants or while walking in large crowds. The device consists of three pieces: the Scoop, a charging case and a wireless mic. The Scoop has the size of a Bluetooth headset and the charging case can hold both the Scoop and the Mic.


Scoop has a battery life of 8 hours and the charging case will give both up to two additional charges.

The device has Active Listening mode where the adaptive audio processing enhances key sound frequencies. Elevating what you want to hear while reducing unwanted background noise. You can also place the wireless mic near what you want to hear and it will pick up that sound and deliver it with stunning clarity directly to the Scoop. You can also pair it with your smartphone using Bluetooth and use voice commands.

The device comes with a connected app which lets you personalize the sound quality depending on the environment. The app has four preset listening environments, including dining, driving, indoor and outdoor and it optimize the sound for the acoustics of specific situations, environments. You can further customize these presets based on your choice.

soundhawk app

Here is a video of Soundhawk in action.

Soundhawk is currently available for preorder for $279 but will eventually sell for $299.

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