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Span : A Watch balancing the Smart Digital with the Beautiful Analog

When it comes to the status of smartwatches and how they are being thought, a chaos is still lurking around. Right now we have smartwatch that is built using plastic by start-ups, some have gone metal with full screen display and top players like Samsung, Motorola either have already invested in that field or coming up with something really brilliant.

IMO, what would really matter is if one can still look at their smartwatch and tell the time, feel he has a great watch on his hand and something that will last longer. Moto 360 comes very close to this definition but today I saw another one that left me impressed.

SPAN–A Watch which is not really smart to do all the work that can be done on your phone but good enough to get all small things done without much of distraction, and you still have a beautiful watch.

Check out the intro video below:

Span – A modern timepiece from Box Clever

Balancing the Digital and Analog Aspects

Impressed ? What Span is trying to do here is combine the digital aspects like notifications, display, calls using the curved OLED display which spans over the analog watch which tells you the time as you glance at it. One will be able to interact with these notifications using the outer dial of the clock. The single line display can be controlled by using the outer dial and two buttons on the right side of the screen to get into settings and various other options.

Span The Digitially Analog Smartwatch

When it comes to style and real world look and feel, its made of polished stainless steel and sleek black ceramic. The other dial is named as Jog Dial. Also to notice that instead of making a full circle for hour and the minutes hand, you have hour hands which takes up half of the watch and minutes hand which takes another.  They reset back to ZERO using a Jump  instead of making a full round. They call it “Span’s jump hour timekeeping” which operates on a quartz movement

Unobtrusive  Notifications :

Keeping in mind that your watch should be a watch not a phone, there are very basic yet powerful notifications supported. You get to know about calls, voicemail, emails, SMS, reminders and so on. This makes sure you aren’t totally drowned in watch display all the time but know what’s important when your phone as to communicate.

Spans unobtrusive notifications

The Hidden Charging Port:

If you took a close look at the video above, there is a charging port right at the back of the watch which stays invisible unless you push and rotate the bottom of the watch. This is really a plus for the watch as and when somebody tries your watch, he wont find it odd about a USB port on the watch. You will be able to view the percentage of charge right on the display.

Spans Charging Port

Can you buy it ?

Sadly No. Span is still in its design phase and being planned. We will have to wait and see if it actually gets built and sees the light of the day. Looking at the comments on Wired, where the news first appeared, it looks clear that people like the idea and implementation. We hope to see it soon in the market.

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