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Spire Tracks Your State of Mind from Your Breathing Pattern

While we have seen lot of wearables and fitness trackers in the market which promise to keep you fit by counting and what not… but there are very few who can tell if you are actually stressed out. Wearables like HexoSkin and OMSignal can track all your vitals in real time but they are mostly towards sports person than normal. Today, a San Francisco startup has opened up pre-orders for a new wearable device that monitors your breathing patterns to warn you about stress and calm you down.

It’s called Spire- a fitness tracker which monitors breathing patterns i.e. how fast or slow you are breathing, if it’s consistent as when you are sitting or running or you are actually tensed. It can track steps, sitting, standing, and lying down too. The last three-points is important as it can tell a lot about your state of mind!

If you are a sportsmen or at least run everyday, you know you cannot keep up if you are not breathing well. Most of us miss this during a run and hence slow down.

Spire How to Wear

How does it look?

At first look, it may look like a stone with a belt clip which can attach almost anywhere but looking at the videos, looks like the rock has been designed smoothly and elegantly. While the belt clip is computer cut stainless steel clip, rest of the body is made up of medical grade TPU keeping in mind that no one gets any allergy or anything similar when used for long.

Spire Internals

Inside, you have a battery which lasts for 7 days, advance sensors and radio suite and Qi Charging coils for wireless charging. It uses  7-axes to find your body position and breathing patterns to predict stress.


Like  I said in the beginning, the company is accepting pre-orders on their official website at $119 which is a discount of 30$, with the official pricing at retails to be at 149$. The package includes a wireless charging dock which looks like a pieces of art. With a cork-wood finish on the top, it will just fit any table you want to place it on.

Spire Wireless Charging

If you are planning to pre-order, better hurry up as there are only 1000 pieces on sale.

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