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These Sunglasses Will Know When You Leave Them

Losing things here and there is so common that we have become even more careless. You do you best but people still lose things. As the age of wearable’s approach with each gadget costing your pocket big time, a beacon, to remind you that you left it somewhere has to become a default feature on all to come. If one asks me that why I can’t be extra careful then there are situations where even the best minds forget things at times when you never wanted to.

A company called Tzukuri is preparing to launch sunglasses with embedded beacon technology in it allowing you track it to the nearest of one feet. This is interesting because if somebody stole your glasses, you really can’t blame him or her of theft as many have similar ones. However, a beacon can make sure to help you claim it.

Tzukuri Beacon based SunGlasses

Now here is a little disappointing news, these sunglasses have been certified under  Apple’s Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) program, so expect them to work for only iPhone’s initially.

  • The device works over Bluetooth LE technology.
  • They can self charge themselves using Solar Power.
  • They are handmade in Japan.
  • Comes in Six designs
  • Costs around $230 USD
  • Preorders by December 2014 – January 2015

Tzukuri Alerts

If you are willing to try out the product, check it out at the official website of Tzukuri

Should this become a standard for Wearables?

That said, this idea can lead makes to let the products self advertise itself. Imagine if a Sunglass can start talking to you about its various features as soon as you wear it. I remember trying out the Nokia Tag at MWC, which allows you to hook your keys or almost anything to it. As you move away from it, your phone would start beeping.

The current gen have lot many things and you just cannot have tags to attach to all of them. Instead a standard should be implemented like SIM or WiFi which allows any wearable to start calling his owner when they leave them alone.

Via 9to5mac

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