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How to Squeeze Every Drop of Your Android Wear’s Battery

If you’re the owner of an Android Wear device, its battery life is probably one of the biggest inconveniences you have to deal with. It’s no secret that modern smartwatches have become yet another burden to their owners, since along with smartphones and laptops, they need to be charged daily ...

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Welcome to ConnectedArena!

We have evolved! WearablesArena is now ConnectedArena. Less than a year back, when we started with WearablesArena, the focus was very much on the next big thing in technology – Wearables. But the truth is, there’s so much more to it, than just smartwatches and fitness trackers. Wearables is a ...

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Fitbit Charge Review

When it comes to tracking steps, how much you walked all day, how many floors did you get up there is one company which dominates this particular segment–Fitbit–which has over 70% of market share, and not just because they stared early, but they are reliable as well. Fitbit recently announced ...

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Apple Watch

Apple officially announced the first wearable from the company, that the world been waiting for — Apple Watch. As Tim Cook shared features and the vision of wearable and why they designed it the way it is, here is everything you should know about the watch. Design and Build: Instead ...

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Apple Watch Announced; Coming Early 2015 for $349+

Apple has announced its first smartwatch, the Apple Watch (and not iWatch), the company’s entry into the wearables arena (pun intended). The watch comes with a rectangular face, sapphire glass, swappable bands and a rotating digital crown. The watch will come in two different sizes and three different editions: Apple ...

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