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This is How Android Wear Update Works

While I was checking out cards on LG G Watch, a new one showed up today saying “System Update Downloaded, Please Swipe Left to Install”.  I was little surprised as I was not expecting it so early but good to see. Also, not sure if this update was particularly for Android Wear or just the LG G Watch as there is no change log. The update gets downloaded on your watch via your phone over Bluetooth and then a notification is sent across.

This is how it will show up on your watch:

System Update for Android Wear

This is how the update happens. Make sure you have enough battery though.

In case you don’t see an update, Go to Settings > About > System Updates to manually check it. Chances are, you will have the update if the watch is connected to the phone. That said, if you can help us finding the change log, we will credit you in the next update and here. Let us know

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