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TomTom Releases Smartwatch for Golfers; Wants to Make Golfing Even Better

TomTom, a popular GPS company which has been engineering devices so you can easily reach destination, has released a smart watch to help golfers. The watch is named as TomTom Golfer which will help golfers with:

  • Precise yardage to front, center and back of green.
  • View unique green and hazard graphics before your shot.
  • Keep track of the score, distance and time for your round.
  • See distances to individual hazards along the fairway.
  • See remaining distances to lay-up points.

Tom Tom Golfer


That’s quiet some features if you ask a golfer but they did not stop with it. To make sure, even the early golfers can buy the watch, TomTom have 34,000 courses, with daily update to help golfers get better.

It is getting interesting everyday to see how smart watches are making their places in different segment. It’s just not about time and connecting to your phone. It’s about special need and very targeted. While somebody is making it more of fashion, other is wanting to take on sports and fitness.

Here is a quick look at the TomTom Golfer watch:

Specification of TomTom Golfer:

  1. 10 days of battery life in GPS mode.
  2. Display size is 22x25mm
  3. Display resolution is 144×168
  4. It Weighs 53 grams.
  5. Water Resistance upto 50 meters.

Where can you buy?

The watch is up for pre-order at a price of 199 Pounds, While its pretty expensive, but its only targeted towards people who are hooked into golf, big time.  The watch is available in Grey Green and White Green as of now. Preorder from here

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