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Think Your Fitbit Looks Boring ? Check Out These Tory Burch Designed Accessories

I have been using Fitbit Flex from last 6 months and honestly speaking its not only boring but it doesn’t look good either because of the cheap looking band. So how do you make it interesting ? That’s where the accessories market show up. Few days back Griffin announced affordable accessories Ribbion Wristband, Shoe Pouch, Sleep Sport Band and Caps and today Try Bruch announced jewellery level accessories for Fitbit.

Tony Burch Accessories for Fitbit

Those who aren’t aware, Tory Burch is an American lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and are known for color, print and eclectic details, includes ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, accessories and beauty

These beautiful looking accessories come in three forms.

Metal Hinged Bracelet: Priced at $195, this bracelet is made of solid brass, open fretwork which is a signature of their design and with a secure, easy-access latch on the back. It looks polished while keeping the device comfortably close.

Fret Pendant Necklace: Those who prefer a pendant over bracelet, this is perfect for them. Its built from the same material as the bracelet and also comes with matching chain to keep it locked around your neck.

Silicone Printed Bracelet:  This is an excellent replacement for your existing band as it looks very similar to that but a lot more beautiful. This silicone printed bracelet has an adjustable closure and a secure holder in the back.

Check out the listing here

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