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Toshiba Launching Fitness Tracker; Lasts for 2 Weeks

Everybody is going to get their hands into wearables and so here comes a Fitness band from Toshiba which will last long enough and has a weird name. The WERAM1100 (Rings a bell for one of the Terminators model) announced in Tokyo will be available for sale, online, from August 20.

Fitness Tracker Toshiba


  • Count Steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned.
  • Measures sleep states and patterns and hours of sleep per day. This is automatic, unlike Fitbit Flex where you need to activate the sleep mode.
  • A dedicated app syncs information to a smartphone via Bluetooth® and allows users to view accumulated data as graphs.
  • One can also upload photos and calories counts of meals, to monitor diet along with physical activity and sleep.
  • Lasts Very Long; Its the first tracker to claim that it will last for 2 Weeks tracking all those we mentioned above. Toshiba has built in a design that keeps power consumption to a minimum.
  • The band comes in four color variations i.e. black, light gray, smoky pink and blue-green.

The device comes with acceleration sensor, works with Bluetooth® 3.0/4.0 (Class 2)and is IPX5/IPX7-equivalent. That said, the company is working to launch a cloud service for the fitness data. Once ready you will be able to do big data analysis to know your strength and weakness.

 Source Toshiba

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