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This is How You Type on Android Wear (Video)

When it comes to responding anything via your Android Wear powered Smartwatch, the preferred or the advertised way is by using voice. But then, its pretty awkward if you have to suddenly start talking to your wrist and that in public. So the alternative way is to type which poses another problem–the screen is way too small for anybody to type.

So what do we do ? Well,  Minuum which is a little keyboard app for big fingers, have rolled out a keyboard for Android Wear and it looks incredible. Looking at the demo it feels like Minuum was built for Android wear as it fits on that small screen nicely.

Here is a GIF, Followed by the official Video:

Typing on Android Wear

Minuum already has an app for phones which shrinks the keyboard to a two line keyboard and still let you type accurately with speed as it follows the same keyboard pattern, just that its smaller.

Check out the Video Demo:

These developers are working on an early version and if you want to give it a try,  follow up the subscription list on their blog.

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